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Disney's PhotoPass service is something that I've had mixed feelings towards over the years, and in this post I'll give you a hint into why that's the case.

The service allows you to have your photo taken arounds the parks and in quite a few rides, and giving you the opportunity to purchase them for multiple uses. Among other things you can get digital downloads, prints, apparel with your photos, and much more.

All that you need is your Magic Band or your park entry ticket and scan it at the rides, or you can have the photographers around the park scan them. Your photos appear in a matter of minutes to your My Disney Experience app, given that you've logged into it and linked all your information prior to visiting the park.

The photographers you find around the park are mostly really sociable and will pose you to get some images that you'll remember forever. Until something like the following image happens.



This image is any photographer's nightmare, and for other guests that may have had their photos taken by this photographer, I feel heartbroken. If you take a look up close you'll see a ton of dust specs all over the image. All those little black spots or marks all over the image, but most visible in the sky, are dust specs on the camera sensor. Removing these from the images is a time consuming job, especially considering the insane amount of areas that would need fixing.

I reached out to Disney's customer service to try and come to some sort of resolution to this problem, but the most they were willing to do is notify all their photographers around their parks to make sure their equipment is clean before starting their day. While their action will likely prevent this from happening again, all those who've had this happen to them are pretty much out of luck. Their suggestion was to get your own copy of photoshop and fix them yourself. Talk about taking the magical experience out of Disney.

Overall, I'd definitely advise you to have some professional photos taken of you while visiting the parks, and doing them with the Disney photographers is most likely the easiest solution.

Below you'll find a slideshow of some additional images taken by the Disney PhotoPass photographers during my last trip.




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